Stuart Andrews

Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

I have worked on television commercials for over 20 years.

On well over 500 commercials.

I have been the Assistant Director on mountain top overnights, road-show car shoots, studio jobs with massive lighting setups, night shoots, ocean shoots and even had (won) a rap battle with MC Hammer.

I have worked on shoots with celebrities, multiple helicopters, animals, stunts, kids, rain, snow and fishtailing 18-wheelers. I have jumped cars, burnt things, laughed, learned, gone long, and wrapped early.

All this with clients ranging from luxury car brands to small regional credit unions.

I have the knowledge base to help you formulate a plan of attack and the positive, powerful voice to facilitate it on the day.

I love what I do and truly enjoy doing it with creative, positive people.

I look forward to doing it with you.